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Have you ever struggled with Houdini reincarnated in dog form? Have you had “the talk” with your neighbor after Fido tried to play with Kitty? Have you watched in horror as your beloved pup played Frogger in the road in front of your home? Have you been embarrassed when your unsuspecting guests were greeted at the door by an overly excited dog leaping into the air in a devilish attempt to lick their faces? Or have you scrambled to find the lint roller when your guests lift themselves from your comfy couch only to find their black pants covered in Rover’s winter coat?

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, you are not alone. Bringing a dog into your home can be as exhausting as it is rewarding but armed with the right knowledge and the right tools you can make life with a dog much more simple. Here, at My Dog Blog you’ll find a wealth of information on living with dogs. As dog owners who have encountered all of the above situations, we love sharing our experiences with other dog owners struggling with the same pooch troubles.

On this blog we’ll talk extensively about our experiences with dog training and dog containment products like electronic dog door, remote training collars, and bark collars and we’ll review dog products and gear made by manufacturers like PetSafe, Innotek, and SportDog. Since we believe that keeping our dogs safe and happy hinges on proper training and adequate exercise, our blog focuses in large part on the best ways to train and contain your dog both at home and on the go.

As dog lovers we’ve tried a lot of techniques and even more dog training and containment products and we’ve got a lot of knowledge and experience to share. We’ll share tips on training using remote training collars to help you choose the right remote training collar for your dog. We’ll share reviews of electric dog fences to help you select the perfect dog fence to keep your pet contained while giving him the freedom to run and play untethered. We will also share information and insight into nuisance barking behavior and share facts about barking collars for dogs that you can use to curb unnecessary barking.

Electric dog fences (also known as electric fences for dogs above ground), remote training collars, and barking collars are some of the most important tools you can use to successful train your dog and keep him safe. On My Dog Blog we’ll compare quality dog products from brands like PetSafe, Sport Dog, and Innotek to give you valuable insights into the pros and cons of each product. We’ll also talk about our adventures in dog fence installation. We’ve installed and tried many dog fences and we have all the tips and tricks that will help you get it right the first time.

We love our dogs and we love that products like underground electric dog fences and invisible fence training video collars give our dogs the freedom they deserve while keeping them safe and preserving our sanity.

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Dog Dare
Dog care

Taking care of dogs can be a difficult process especially if this is your first time as a dog owner. However, if you have a reliable source of information like a dog blog, you won’t get lost on the right track because the dog blog may assist you when providing proper care to your dogs.

Dog care covers different aspects. These aspects may include healthy food, obedience training, shelter, professional health care, and pet supplies. Many experts said that caring for dogs is not a hard task, but the process does take investments of time because you need to provide dogs some love and affection. If you are wondering on how to take care of your dog, there is basic information that you need to know before you get started. First and foremost, dogs also need exercise, training, love, and veterinary care. You must bear in mind that dogs are not an ordinary animal. They can be a part of your family. So, if you want to be a responsible dog owner, here are the steps on how to take of your dogs:

Step 1

Spend some time with your dog. As mentioned earlier, dogs need love from their owners. As soon as they get older, they will need your affection. Providing affection to your dogs is not a difficult task. Everyone can do it. You don’t even need skills to provide love and affection for your dog. You only need to have an instant connection with your dog.

Step 2

Visit your dog’s veterinarian regularly. This will help you monitor the overall health condition of your dog. If you want to prevent other dog’s diseases and rabies, you may consider vaccinations.

Step 3

Feed your dogs with a healthy balanced diet food. If you are afraid to choose one among the available brands of dog foods, you may ask for help from your vet. You can choose any dog food, but make sure that your chosen dog food is best suited for the medical condition of your dog to avoid allergies or some health issues. When feeding your dogs, always keep fresh water.

Step 4

Always give your dogs some treats. If your dog is not used to eat treats, give him something that he may play with or chew on. There are various dog toys in the market. You may consider anything, but see to it that your preferred toys will not hurt your dogs. When shopping around for pet toys, choose the quality made items ensure the safety of your dog.

Step 5

Provide basic dog training to your dogs. Most dog blogs can help you train your dogs successfully. All you need to do is to follow the instructions of the experts. Apart from dog blogs, you may also consider reading dog care magazines or books. These sources of information may help you find the best way on how to train your dogs without experiencing any difficulties when dealing with their behavior.

Step 6

Exercise is an essential activity for dogs. You can play with them during your free time. Or, if you exercise daily, you may take them for a walk. This can help you prolong dog’s healthy life.

Step 7

Pay attention to the behavior of your dogs. If you have noticed something weird about their behaviors, call your vet as soon as possible and know why your dogs behave differently.

The mentioned steps above may serve as your guide when taking care of your dogs. But, you have to keep in mind that you will only achieve success if you are determined and serious about providing care on your dogs.

Basic Needs of a Dog

Dogs are like human beings. They also have their own needs and necessities to have a long and healthy life. Below are some of their basic needs:

Dog Foods

dog food
Dog food

One of the most essential basic needs of dogs is dog foods. There are several options that you may choose from. You can select the branded ones or the organic products. Depending on the breed of your dog, choose dog food that will provide him a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t want canned dog foods, you may consider creating your own dog food recipe, but make sure that your dog will love the ingredients you have combined on your recipe.

Dog Shelter

Dog shelters are also a vital basic need of dogs. Like dog foods, there are various options that you may consider. If you don’t have clues about which dog shelters are best suited for your dogs, you may spend some of your time reading a dog blog. This blog may give you an idea about the finest and recommended dog shelter for your dogs. Dog blogs can also provide helpful information, dog food and dog food reviews, check out

Dog Medicine

dog meds
Dog meds

Dogs also need medicines most particularly if they are infested by parasites or infected by some viruses. When purchasing a dog medicine, always ensure that it will not cause allergy to your dogs and will provide them instant relief to avoid possible issues in the future.

Dogs are always the best addition to any home. However, you have to take note that dogs have different necessities and needs because they may vary from one breed to another and some factors like medical conditions and size. Other than knowing the basic needs and necessities of dogs, you must also bear in mind that having dogs may also mean responsibility. So, it is vital to provide your dogs extra and quality time because they also need love and affection from their owners.

If you are a first time dog owner, there are other things you need to know aside from taking care of dogs. You also need to gain knowledge about the different dog trainings that you and your dog may enjoy. If you don’t know how to start, you may use resources like a dog training blog and dog blogs. These blogs contain information that will guide and help you get started. So, if you want to be a good dog owner, don’t forget to visit some of the top dog blogs online.

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Appropriate Dog Fences for Your Dog

Dog fences

If you’re planning to have a fence in your lawn, because you want your dog to be safe and secured, you must choose the appropriate fences for them.

In choosing the appropriate dog fences for your pet, you must consider the size of your dog. And, the place you will put the fence. If you have a big sized dog then you must have a big size of location where to put the fence. It is not good if your dog is big yet the size of the fence is too small. It will not have a good time staying in that place. The dog can’t have a good time running around in that small area. It will ruin the fence if it got too bored staying inside.

If your dog is big, then provide them big fences. Make sure that the height of the fence is taller than your dog. If the height of the fence is low, they may jump over it. And it can cause a problem to you. If the fence is tall, they can’t jump over it. Your big dog will be safe with those tall fences.

If the case is you have a small dog, you don’t have to put a tall fence around your lawn. It is not quite good to see tall fences around your lawn if you have a small dog. You can also have movable dog fences for small dogs. If you want your small dog to have time running around in your lawn, you must only provide a minimize space for your dog.

Dog fencing

These dog fences have one goal, to secure that your dog will be free from harm. Whether your dog is small or big, they must have a safe and secured place where no one can harm them. These fences will surely protect your dog from disaster. For example you have a party in your house yet your dog is left loose, it may ruin your party by running around your lawn. It may scared your visitors especially the children.

These dog fences will surely help you fix your worries whenever you are away from your pets. All you have to do is to find an appropriate fence for them. Don’t let them get tied in your backyard. Let them play outside. If you let them stay in the backyard, they will become cruel to other people.

Appropriate wireless pet fence will bring so much fun to your dogs. This will help them to explore themselves. So, if you’re thinking to have a fence in your yard, consider their sizes, the location, the width and the length of the place to ensure the dog fence’s functionality.

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Electric Fence for Dogs

Electric Dog Fence
Electric dog fence

Dogs are undoubtedly the next most expensive pet next to horses. Your investment on your dog can have a high value as they are extremely loyal and clever. Dogs can even protect you and your home from people with malicious intentions to your property. As a matter of fact, you can even leave your house with your dogs guarding it and com home with all your assets and properties completely unharmed. However, there are times that dogs misbehave as this is their natures. If you have a dog that like to run away from time to time, then best invisible dog fence can help.

Dogs are certified mimicry experts. Once you started training them, you will find that they are the best animal pets among others. If you have failed to train them right, your dog will have the habit of running away and roaming outside your yard. Remember that most localities have existing rules regarding uncontained dogs. If your pet runs away and lost his way home, there’s a huge chance that he will end up in a kennel. A responsible dog owner knows the importance of a dog fence. Dog fences, either traditional or wireless electric dog fences, do not only serve as a tool for containment as these also keep your dog safe from any harm, underground dog fence, or check out this site for under ground dog fence reviews.

Electric fence for dogs or invisible fence does not need the use of physical barriers. This is composed of dog shock collar and electric transmitter. The transmitter can be installed in your garage, storage room like in the basement, or anywhere in the house where an electrical socket is present near the yard. The wires are buried under the ground, and the collar needs to be worn by your dog. The collar on your dog stimulate mild electric shock once he tries to pass the boundary of the invisible fence. This can be a cost effective solution in containing your dog at keeping him at the same time as construction of physical barriers is highly expensive and even prohibited in large residential areas.

The disadvantage of electric fence for dogs is that it does not work when there is no power. The transmitter cannot deliver a message to the receiver to stimulate electrical shock if there is no power. That’s why it is highly important that you ensure that the transmitter is fully charged. Also, electric fence for dogs does not prohibit the entry of other animals in your yard. Your dogs can be harmed even if he exhibits disciplined behavior. However, these things can be addressed, and you can certainly make solutions deter these disadvantages.

There are many brands of electric fence for dogs out there, and you can find your choices overwhelming. It would be best if you choose a rechargeable electrical fence with adjustable electrical shock. You can read reviews on different dog fence wireless for dogs review and decide for yourself which type of fencing system is best for your dogs. Taking care of your dog’s well-being and complete safety is essential as this is a concern of responsible pet owners. Find various FlexPetz coupon codes here discount codes here. You can also find shock collars for dogs reviews here.

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One of the best ways to perfect your shooting skills is practicing using steel pistol targets by where you get instant feedback! Steel shooting targets are commonly used by hunters out to hone their skills, the military during training sessions and gun enthusiasts. Here are some of the many benefits of using steel targets for your shooting practice. Many hunters tend to start a sporting dog off when they come of age and are ready for the hunt, you should approach practice shooting while your dog is still a puppy and slowly introduce him or her to the sounds of guns while they are still young. Just like anything else in life practice makes perfect, this applies to hunting and proper preparation as well.


One of the most notable benefits of using steel is its durability. Steel consists of iron with various quantities of carbon, nickel and tungsten among other alloys. Steel also make use of other alloys and heat treatment to provide you with the ideal shooting target. The levels of hardness in steel targets are influenced by two factors. There is the techniques used to heat and cool it during manufacture and there is also the quantity of alloy and carbon combination within.

Targets with smooth surfaces will need replacing after every shooting practice. This is both expensive and tiresome. Quality steel ensures your surface remains flat making it possible for you to use it in more than one occasion. However, it is very important that you use hard steel to avoid dimples, pits and dents on the surface.


Safety is another factor that makes steel shooting targets the best choice. Whether the targets are moving or stationary, you will be able to avoid bullet splatter during practice. By following instruction on distance limits, you will be able to create an accident free shooting practice session.

Choosing Quality Steel targets

When buying steel shooting targets, it is very important that you consider the quality of the steel used and the design of the target itself. Poorly designed targets will deform after the first few shots, making them both useless and dangerous. There are various rules to be followed when manufacturing steel targets in order for them to be safe and durable. Unfortunately not all manufacturers adhere to these rules since most of them are simply out to make some money. You are advised to take as much time as possible learning more about a target manufacturer before investing your hard earned money on any of their products.

AR500 shooting targets are some of the best in the market for more reasons than one. ShootingTargets7, a steel shooting target manufacturer in Jackson St, Hudsonville, Mi use computer-programmed robotic cutting equipment to create a shooting target that is likely to serve you for an extended period of time. AR500 shooting targets for pistols are the strongest types of steel targets, designed to handle severe shooting extremes. These types of targets can take heat from powerful weapons such as shotguns rifles and handguns. The abrasion-resistant feature allows you to practice with the same targets for a long time without the need to replace.

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Dogs, just as humans, prefer their own spaces and have their own tempers. But, the factor with animals is that their unpredictable behavior causes undesirable destructive actions and unpleasant acts. Dogs might also bark unstoppably and this leads to chaos within the entire neighborhood. They may also wipe out your gardens and belongings. They might bite other animals or even passersby.

Small dogs

For this reason, homeowners should use an automatic dog door so that they can avoid these possible set-ups. Compared to other outdated types of equipment, these fences are very easy to install. Also, to be able to function properly, these items count on some radio signals. The manufacturers of these products are credible firms that have gained sufficient experience and expertise in this business. It is very important for a person to compare each feature, charge and benefit before purchasing the product to make sure that they will be able to get the best one. On the other hand, it needs some canine training before using the electric dog fence system. Your pet should be accustomed to the collar as well as the outcome of the collar to make sure that you will be able to get its maximum benefits.

There are various types of dog fences for your dog’s safe containment and it may depend on the size of your house and the available area where you are planning to place it. You can create pet containment systems by following instructions on how to make one. Special shops sell dog fences at discounted prices and you may choose from the different brands available. An electric dog fence system is a magnificent idea for your pets’ protection and ensuring that they prevent themselves from going to prohibited areas. Dog fences are available in various sizes and can be utilized to surround the area to be contained.

The very first consideration in installing electric dog fences is its size. You must know how many dogs you have and their relative sizes. If you have lots of dogs with mixed breeds, it is not a big problem because you can get various rechargeable dog collars for containing all of your dogs within the invisible dog fence or cage. You can also use discounted and affordable collars to make sure all your pets are safely confined in the dog fence. For a higher quality dog fence system you definitely should consider using a higher quality dog fence wire than what comes within the kit, we found this great listing for dog fence wire on Amazon.

Why is it invisible?

The core equipment of the dog fence system is called the transmitter. It is the one responsible for broadcasting the radio signals surrounded in your house. These radio signals will get into a certain area of your house with a specified range. The area where the radio signal becomes undetected is called the boundary. Therefore, the emission of the signals actually forms the invisible electric dog fence.

Setting up the Transmitter

You need to find the perfect spot in your home where your transmitter will be situated. The most ideal spot would be in your attic near the windows or in an area where there is no object made of metals that may obstruct the radio signals. As soon as the transmitter is placed, you can try it by turning it on. If it did not function, try fixing the problem. Getting some help from a professional to install it for you can be done if in case you don’t have any idea on how to install one. This way, you can make sure that the installation will be successful.

Establishing the Visual Boundary

Even though it is an invisible electric dog fence system, it still does not mean that it should be this way all the time. You will surely not want your pet to step on the boundary all the time because it is basically not his burden. For this reason, you must use the boundary flags and make it seen. You will use the receiver in detecting the boundary. After installing, you may place the flags. The more flags, the better.

Understanding and Learning the Dog Fence Receiver Process

It is important to know that the receiver is almost similar to any other mainstream radio. When your pet is inside the bubble, the receiver will detect the signal and when he reaches the boundary, the signal will be lost. At these scenarios, a medium static correction will be made.

The correction serves as the discomfort provider to the dogs. However, it is totally safe. Punishment is not the main purpose of the receiver, but it serves as a reminder to your dog that he must not be outside the boundary. You can also choose to adjust the settings of the correction so that it will complement the temperament or size of your dog. There is also an option to just set the alarm, but not the correction.

Train your Dog

Immediately after installing the dog fence system in your house, it is very essential to train your dog. It may include several weeks of training so that your dog will get more familiarized with the system, the flags and pay attention to the warning sound. You and your pet will have to do the training too. You do not need to worry given that the dog fence system comes with a training booklet that will explain to you the various routines you have to do in less than 20 minutes each day. The training aims to keep your dog in place even when his desired treats are not in the scope of the boundary. When you say okay, this is the time when your dog will be able to cross the boundary. You can also add indoor invisible dog fence units later on in the process.


After installing the perfect electric dog fence system, you can defend and protect your dog against any fights with other animals and various kinds of misfortunes. Using this fashionable modern equipment is beneficial given that it will protect your dog all the time. These dog fences systems must be maintained and protected to make sure that they will last for a long time. If you have chosen to use wired or wireless fence, you will surely be able to protect your furry friend.

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