How to Install your Very Own Electric Dog Fence System?

Dogs, just as humans, prefer their own spaces and have their own tempers. But, the factor with animals is that their unpredictable behavior causes undesirable destructive actions and unpleasant acts. Dogs might also bark unstoppably and this leads to chaos within the entire neighborhood. They may also wipe out your gardens and belongings. They might bite other animals or even passersby.

For this reason, homeowners should use an automatic dog door so that they can avoid these possible set-ups. Compared to other outdated types of equipment, these fences are very easy to install. Also, to be able to function properly, these items count on some radio signals. The manufacturers of these products are credible firms that have gained sufficient experience and expertise in this business. It is very important for a person to compare each feature, charge and benefit before purchasing the product to make sure that they will be able to get the best one. On the other hand, it needs some canine training before using the electric dog fence system. Your pet should be accustomed to the collar as well as the outcome of the collar to make sure that you will be able to get its maximum benefits.

There are various types of dog fences for your dog’s safe containment and it may depend on the size of your house and the available area where you are planning to place it. You can create pet containment systems by following instructions on how to make one. Special shops sell dog fences at discounted prices and you may choose from the different brands available. An electric dog fence system is a magnificent idea for your pets’ protection and ensuring that they prevent themselves from going to prohibited areas. Dog fences are available in various sizes and can be utilized to surround the area to be contained.

The very first consideration in installing electric dog fences is its size. You must know how many dogs you have and their relative sizes. If you have lots of dogs with mixed breeds, it is not a big problem because you can get various rechargeable dog collars for containing all of your dogs within the invisible dog fence or cage. You can also use discounted and affordable collars to make sure all your pets are safely confined in the dog fence. For a higher quality dog fence system you definitely should consider using a higher quality dog fence wire than what comes within the kit, we found this great listing for dog fence wire on Amazon.

Why is it invisible?

The core equipment of the dog fence system is called the transmitter. It is the one responsible for broadcasting the radio signals surrounded in your house. These radio signals will get into a certain area of your house with a specified range. The area where the radio signal becomes undetected is called the boundary. Therefore, the emission of the signals actually forms the invisible electric dog fence.

Setting up the Transmitter

You need to find the perfect spot in your home where your transmitter will be situated. The most ideal spot would be in your attic near the windows or in an area where there is no object made of metals that may obstruct the radio signals. As soon as the transmitter is placed, you can try it by turning it on. If it did not function, try fixing the problem. Getting some help from a professional to install it for you can be done if in case you don’t have any idea on how to install one. This way, you can make sure that the installation will be successful.

Establishing the Visual Boundary

Even though it is an invisible electric dog fence system, it still does not mean that it should be this way all the time. You will surely not want your pet to step on the boundary all the time because it is basically not his burden. For this reason, you must use the boundary flags and make it seen. You will use the receiver in detecting the boundary. After installing, you may place the flags. The more flags, the better.

Understanding and Learning the Dog Fence Receiver Process

It is important to know that the receiver is almost similar to any other mainstream radio. When your pet is inside the bubble, the receiver will detect the signal and when he reaches the boundary, the signal will be lost. At these scenarios, a medium static correction will be made.

The correction serves as the discomfort provider to the dogs. However, it is totally safe. Punishment is not the main purpose of the receiver, but it serves as a reminder to your dog that he must not be outside the boundary. You can also choose to adjust the settings of the correction so that it will complement the temperament or size of your dog. There is also an option to just set the alarm, but not the correction.

Train your Dog

Immediately after installing the dog fence system in your house, it is very essential to train your dog. It may include several weeks of training so that your dog will get more familiarized with the system, the flags and pay attention to the warning sound. You and your pet will have to do the training too. You do not need to worry given that the dog fence system comes with a training booklet that will explain to you the various routines you have to do in less than 20 minutes each day. The training aims to keep your dog in place even when his desired treats are not in the scope of the boundary. When you say okay, this is the time when your dog will be able to cross the boundary. You can also add indoor invisible dog fence units later on in the process.


After installing the perfect electric dog fence system, you can defend and protect your dog against any fights with other animals and various kinds of misfortunes. Using this fashionable modern equipment is beneficial given that it will protect your dog all the time. These dog fences systems must be maintained and protected to make sure that they will last for a long time. If you have chosen to use wired or wireless fence, you will surely be able to protect your furry friend.